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Queeny Love Interview

Queeny Love
Queeny Love
Where were you born?

I was born in Germany.

How old are you?

I'm 22 years old.

Where did you grow up?

In a small German town near Cologne.

What were you like growing up? Outgoing? Shy?

Oh, I was a very shy and lovely kid, but when I grew up, the whole town knew me for being a wild and crazy teen. The type of teen girl no mom wants for his son. I had a new friend every week and having fun was more important than anything else! Other girls did hate me for always being dressed up sexy and making their boyfriends horny, but I did not care!

Were you sexual at an early age?

Yes! At a very early age! I better not tell more!

When did you start messing around with boys?

Oh, also very early! Too early to be legal, so I better don't say so much about this, too!

Can’t you give us a little hint?

I really can only say that I was a wild young girl!

What was that first time like?

It did not hurt! But the boy was so lousy that after he asked if I was a virgin I told him "This was not my first time, or can you see blood on your dick!?" He believed me and I had to say this because everyone thought that I already had several guys! And I wanted them to still think this way!

Do you live in LA now?

No! LA is too big for me. I now live near Palm Springs.

Did you come to LA to do movies? Modeling?

Yes, a little bit of both. But I also came here to just enjoy the sun and have some fun.

Do the folks back home know what you do?

Yes! They know about it and most of them are okay with it!

What about your parents, do they know? What do they think?

Yes, they know it, too! I grew up in very open minded family and so there were not too big problems with it.

What were you doing before you got into videos?

I was going to school and started to visit a California University. But this was not so easy here like it is in Germany because speaking English is still a big problem for me.

How did you get into videos?

I always wanted to do this! I had my own sex parties when I was younger and always wanted to be seen by other people while having sex. But most of my friends didn't like to be on video, so I now do it the more professional way!

What was the first movie you were in?

It was my first own produced video "Queeny Vol. 1".

Who was it with?

Just me and my boyfriends cock!

How was it?

Very funny! I had a lot of fun and this really started it all!

When you finished that first scene, did you know you wanted to do more?

YES! We finished "Queeny Vol. 1" in just a few hours. It was very hard for my boyfriend to cum so often but it was and still is a real turn on for both of us.

How many have you done?

Hmmm... I don't know right now maybe 20 or so!? I also produce a lot of scenes for my website and there are already more than 120 scenes on it. The most are exclusive for my website Queeny Love . So there would be more videos if I would ever release all scenes!

Any that you are particularly proud of? Ones readers should watch out for?

I love two of my own productions the most. "The Cum-Bitch" and "Creameater".

Any favorite males to work with?

I like to work with Jeremy Steele and Mandingo. They are very professional and that is what I like when doing professional porn.

Anyone you wanted to work with, but didn't?

Yes! Max Hardcore as he is doing scenes the way I like! He is definitely my favorite porn-character. It would be great if we will ever make a scene together.

What about Women?

Well, what should I say!? Yes, I like woman, too!

Do you enjoy women off screen?

Yes! Even more often than in front of the camera!

What is your favorite thing to do on screen?

Giving blowjobs, getting my ass fucked and receiving a facial afterwards!

Is there anything you won’t do on screen?

That's hard to say, I normally like to try everything.

How tall are you?

I’m 5 feet and 3 inches tall.

What are your measurements?

34D - 24 - 34

And of course, are they real?

Not anymore. I had a breast augmentation a few weeks ago, but they were not pumped up like crazy or so!

Have you had anyone suggest or pressure you to get them done?

No, I always wanted to do it.

Do you watch your own movies?

Sure! I collect and watch all videos that I have ever done!

What do you think of the business?

Hmmm... That's not so easy to answer! There are a lot of very nice and good people in this business but like always there are also people and companies I would no one ask to work for.

Do people recognize you now from your movies?

This happens sometimes, but not often. I guess I'm not famous enough to get really recognized on the streets, at least not yet.

Do you work with condoms?

Hmmm.... no! I don't like condoms!

Do you think the industry is doing enough to protect performers from HIV?

Oh, this is a problematic thing. I'm working with some other people and companies on a new and better way to protect performers much more than right now. But I already recognized, that most people in the business don't want to talk or hear something about HIV. They just close their eyes and minds, and I think that is really stupid.

How does your on screen personality reflect or differ from your real life?

I'm always myself. So I think there is no big difference between my screen personality and my real life.

Any unfulfilled fantasies?

Yes, the Queeny-Bukakke. I hope to be able to do my own American Bukakke soon. Will you take part Roger, please? I have a lot of dirty ideas that I need to fulfill sometimes! But the messy queeny-bukakke is definitely the first fantasy I need to fulfill!

If you could pick anyone in the world to do a scene with, (Outside of porn) who would it be?

Madonna. I’m sure she is the devil in bed and we would have a lot of fun together!!!

What are you plans for your adult career?

I don't really plan any things. I just wait for the things that may come... or not... whatever.

Do you have a fan club? Web site? How can fans get a hold of you?

Yes, there is a little fan club. But they are still working on building it. I already have my own website queeny love .And my fans can sometimes meet me on fairs like in Las Vegas or LA.

Do you do any feature dancing?

Not yet, but maybe Queeny will do some special features in some good clubs soon.

Any tattoos or body piercing?

no piercing and no tattoos.

What are your outside interests?

Queeny Love collect sexy outfits and high heels. And QueenyLove love her two British classic cars and hope to collect some more. Driving around in them always makes her feel good!

What kind of music do you listen to?

Queeny Love nearly listen to every kind of music. But Queeny Love favorites are oldies from the 50s and 60s. This music also matches the years of her two classic cars.

Do you have a boyfriend/husband?

Yes, Pornstar Queeny have a boyfriend.

Anything you would like to add/say to the fans?

Thanks to all Queeny fans for being always so nice and helpful.

Vicca interview

Martin Amis once said that glamour models look as if you could do whatever you liked with them - while fashion models look as if they could do whatever they liked with you. Russian pornstar Vicca definitely fall into the latter category. She look as if she could either seduce you or kick your ass. Emanating a kind of cold, hard sensuality in a playing field inundated with trashy blond floozies, Porn star Vicca are anomalies in an industry which constantly embraces the lowest common denominator when it comes to female beauty. Born in Russia, Vicca came to the States in 1996. Prior to that, she traveled throughout Europe, working as model in countries such as Italy, Poland, and Hungary. When I met her recently at the VCA corporate offices in Chatsworth, she exhibited a degree of worldliness far beyond her tender years. Fluent in many languages - including English, Russian and Hungarian - Vicca pornstar also highly coversant in such subjects as art, fashion, and literature. Yet in spite of all Vicca attributes, many directors insist on stereotyping her as dumb girl who don't speak a word of English or - even more predictably - as Russian spies. But Vicca feathers are not so easily ruffled. In fact, she sense of humor about life in general is one of her greatest charms. Consequently, being totally taken by Vicca's eccentric mix of camp, surrealism, and general loopiness, I predict she'll soon have her own TV sitcom - well, a rabid cult following, at the very least. As you can well imagine, I was very glad to have brought along my video camera for this interview, since I would have hated to lose the hilarious nuances of Vicca many off-the-wall pronouncements.

So where did the two of you meet?

Vicca: At the fashion shows in Europe.

Do you share an apartment, like best friends?

Vicca: Yes, we do. All the people ask us is "Are you lovers?" We just say, "Hmmmm... think what you want to think." Dildo action is like handshaking. People have these stereotypes. They see friends and think that if they spend a lot of time together they must be lovers, which is fine, but I just don't want to tell anything about it.

I have been watching a bunch of your movies. I really liked Michael Ninn's Ritual - it was very beautiful and erotic. However, I found Bud Lee's Photoplay very condescending. He was trying to explain away your Russian accents by having you pretend that you can not speak English.

Vicca: I know! Well, the person who wrote that movie didn't know us. But how does he think we could survive in America without being able to speak English? Throughout the whole movie, all I say is "Duh, duh, duh, duh." In any case, the film is not about a story but about sex and, in this industry, sex is what counts although I like acting, too.

If you were actually going to make a movie on your own, what would the story involve?

Vicca: We have many ideas, but it is always a matter of the budget, the timing, the actors because sometimes you have such a great idea, but you have to find a person who can bring it to the screen the same way you envisioned it. It really depends on the people you're working with.

But let's say you have the biggest budget in the world. What would be your dream movie?

Vicca: Joking aside, we actually want to make our movie a surprise.

I guess you won't be playing spies in it?

Vicca: Well, I don't know, maybe I can play different spies. You can never tell with us.

We Americans think that all you Russian are spies. How many spies have you played so far?

Vicca: They put us in movies where we play either spies or people who do not speak English. No offense, but when I tell people I'm from Russia, they go, "Das ve dania," which actually means "Goodbye" and they think they impress me so much. So you people out there, if you want to impress us...

Me: You girls are on contract with VCA. Do you have a lot of say in the content of their films?

Vicca: Well, for VCA, it has worked out fine because we have our own movies and we have control over them. We can bring a wider range of characters into the movies. But when we are talking about doing regular movies, there is just so much more stereotyping. My dream is to play a Russian ballerina.

Me: So you guys model, right? Which designers have you modeled for so far?

Vicca: We have done some European stuff...runways...we worked in New York, but not so much in L.A.

Me: So which is easier: doing adult movies, doing runways, or modeling for stills?

Vicca: Well, it's very different. Stills are hard; they take the whole day and you have to hold the poses. Movies are fun, you get to work with different persons and pretend you are with someone else. Runways, I think, are the easiest. But there is a lot of competition in that field.

Me: Are the models you work with really bitchy?

Vicca: They want to know who's your agent and...

Me: Would you like to get into fashion design one day?

Vicca: It's better to be professional at something than to split one's attention everywhere. Anyway, I think that fashion and real life are just so far away from each other. You look at what they're selling in these fashion shows, then you look at what people are wearing on the street, and they really have nothing to do with each other. My eyes keep on closing, its so hard to keep them open! We had to do this interview early because we have a long day today. We will be very busy until we leave in a few days for Texas.

Me: For?

Vicca: A store signing. It is one of our favorite things to do. And usually they are fans, so you hear all the nice things about you, and oh God, at the end of the day,  I'm soooo beautiful and I'm soooo good, and then you start believing things, and you come back home and (laughs) and it's only me.

Me: Who is your favorite porn performer?

Vicca: I don't have any.

Me: How about yourself?

Vicca: Oh, come on! I won the best solo sex scene!

Me: Have you ever been ripped off by sleazos in the business before? I mean, I was ripped off $10,000 by John Bowen's company, Fantastic Pictures, and that sucked pigeon shit.

Vicca: I have been ripped off once by this photographer. The pictures are printed, but I never got paid. I could have sued him, but it was just too much trouble. I've heard of other people getting ripped off, too.

Me: I heard Bowen cheated Jasmin St. Claire out of $7,000.

Vicca: For the gangbang?

Me: I don't know.

Vicca: I sometimes think I could make so much money if I sue someone, but...WHATEVER.

Vicca: This early morning situation...I'm not a morning person.

Me: What time do you usually go to bed?

Vicca: Usually like at 2...I like to stay up to read.

Me: What are you reading now?

Vicca: Dostoyevsky's The Devils. When I was in school I hated the classics because they made you read this and that, then you had to give an opinion that matched the instructor's opinion, and it's like I hate it. But now I am discovering this stuff again, and it's really interesting. Oh mine says, 'Life's a witch.' I'd like to be a witch. A witch is better.

Me: You should run VCA.

Vicca: Nah. Russell (Hampshire) does a really good job. It is too much work anyway. So much responsibility, you have so many people working for you...

Me: You're on an exclusive contract with VCA, right?

Vicca: Yes. We do five movies a year, and spend the rest of the time doing publicity, signings. We also do straight movies in the straight world, plus catalogues and stuff. And we dance.

Me: How many clubs have you danced at so far?

Vicca: About four.

Me: Where are your favorite clubs?

Vicca: San Francisco!

Me: Are you worried about stalkers? I mean, some guys think that just because we're willing to have sex on camera, we're also willing to have sex with them.

Vicca: Yes. They think that our whole life is like this. It's scary.

Me: I've had two stalkers in the past, now I'm thinking about keeping a gun.

Vicca: Actually we keep a tank. We are influenced by Arnold Schwartzenegger! "I'll be back on my tank." What can I do? He's my hero.

Me: So what were you expecting from this interview?

Vicca: Usually people just ask all the same questions all the time. By the end, they'll be like, "Can you show me your boobs?"

Me: I know. I've been through it myself. I checked out all the stuff written about you guys, and it's is all the same. I get asked, "Do you like anal sex?" "Do you prefer girls or boys?" "How many times do you come?" I get so sick of it. What do you do with your free time? Do you watch TV or go clubbing?

Vicca: No. We don't like clubbing. When I have time, I dug a hole in my backyard. I am trying to get to China. No, no, no. If you dig a hole in America you get to China. But if you dig a hole in Russia, you get to America. I dug holes all the time when I was little. I dug this hole with my boyfriend when I was five years old. It took like three days, and finally I got so sick and tired of it.

Me: How deep was the hole?

Vicca: Maybe like, five feet.

Me: Wow.

Vicca: Now it's like my hobby. Every time I have some free time, I dig a hole.

Me: How many holes do you have in the backyard?

Vicca: Well, I need only one, and it will take me all the way to China.

Me: How do you know what direction to dig the hole?

Vicca: But some people tell me that if I dig a hole in my own backyard, it is not going to end up in China, it is going to end up somewhere in the ocean, and that is upsetting to me.

Me: Who knows? - you might find, like, ONE MILLION DOLLARS in the ground.

Vicca: Yes! Yes! But if anyone out there wants to send us a donation, you can write to our fan club.

Me: What do you sell in your fan club?

Vicca: Panties, bras, stockingsstockings are very popular items. We also sell 8x10s, videos, audio cassettes...

Me: Have you ever had strange requests from your fans?

Vicca: Like what?

Me: This guy wanted me to shit into a bag for $150. I went out and scooped up some dog shit and mailed it to him, and he was completely ecstatic, thinking it was my shit.

Vicca: That is kind of scary. He might try to clone you.

Me: It would be funny if he tried to clone me and got a dog instead. Actually, he wrote to me telling me that he ate the shit and it was delicious.

At this point, our conversation degenerates to childish scatological jokes and irresponsible speculations on Richard Gere's alleged gerbil fetishes. This being a tasteful adult newspaper, your humble scribe will use her discretion by leaving out the abject details. However, you can read more about Vicca by logging onto

If you would like to send the girls ONE MILLION DOLLARS, you can write to them at 9800-D Topanga Canyon, #352, Chatsworth, CA, 91311.

Steve Hirsch interview

Steve Hirsch
Steve Hirsch
When actor Robert Wagner signed a contract in 1953 to appear exclusively in movies produced by 20th Century Fox, he became the last of Hollywood's contract players. Though no one knew it at the time, the "star system," which had been the industry's most potent promotional tool since the days of the first "talkies," was coming to an end. The star system was the practice of selecting promising young actors and actresses, signing them to exclusive contracts and creating as much media hype around them as possible. Studio executives recognized the power of big-name stars to bring moviegoers into theaters, and they saw the value of keeping certain stars securely in-house and off-limits to competitors. If you were an Errol Flynn fan, for example, you had only one option - buy a ticket to the latest Warner Brothers film. For nearly four decades, contract players were the cornerstone of most studios' business plans, but the star system fizzled out by the late 1950s and disappeared forever from mainstream Hollywood after Wagner's contract expired. But the concept was reborn in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley in the 1980s, thanks to the foresight of Vivid founder Steve Hirsch, who saw the potential for adult entertainment's own version of the star system. "When David and I started Vivid back in December of 1984, the idea was to find the best-looking girls in adult, put them under exclusive contract, produce really good movies and package it all with artwork and photography not seen before in adult," Hirsch told SinVista. "We knew that if we could bring all three of those elements together - the girls, the movies and the photography - it would separate us from everyone else and help us stand out." Thus, the Vivid Girl was born. And the strategy, it appears, was a success. According to a 2005 article in Forbes magazine, roughly one-third of all titles found in U.S. adult DVD stores are Vivid productions, and the studio generates an estimated $100 million a year in revenue selling to retail stores, hotel chains and cable companies as well as on the Internet. A large part of that success can be traced to the promotional power of the Vivid Girls, who regularly appear on the "The Howard Stern Show" and other radio programs and frequently host specials for the E! channel, among others. Vivid Girls such as Jenna Jameson, Savanna Samson and Tera Patrick have successfully penetrated the mainstream, which makes the porn-buying public more likely to seek out their movies. We recently caught up with Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch to talk about the Vivid brand and the role Vivid Girls have played in the growth of his company.

Question: Did you already have girls under contract when you made your first movie?

HIRSCH: Actually, we made a movie first — "Ginger," starring Ginger Lynn. David and I saw that movies that focused on a star were standing out and selling well, so we followed that concept for our first movie. That's why we called it "Ginger" — rather than making a big production, we decided to focus on the star. Even the box cover was different from anything that had been out there before. It was all about her and her beauty.

Question: And Ginger also saw the potential of a contract situation?

HIRSCH: I think the fact that we put all of our resources into promoting her after the movie came out impressed her. We mutually decided that it was a situation that worked well for both of us, for her and the company. It made sense. We knew early on that we wanted to sign girls to exclusive contracts.

Question: Did you start signing other Vivid Girls immediately after that?

HIRSCH: You have to understand, we started this company with about $20,000. It was not really well financed, so we did our first movies with Ginger as our only contract star. Then Ginger decided she wanted to retire from making movies, and everybody said, "What's Vivid going to do now?" But we were able to bring in Jamie Summers, who was unknown at the time, and built the "Brat" series around her. Later, we signed Barbara Dare, who was already a well-established star but decided she wanted to come over from another company, and a while after that, we brought in Christy Canyon, who also was a star in her own right. It didn't all happen right away.

Question: So what do you look for in a potential Vivid Girl - what are the qualities that make one girl shine through?

HIRSCH: It's a very subjective thing. What it comes down to is who we believe we can best promote. It could be someone who's unknown or an existing star with huge potential that's never been realized.

Question: Is there a specific selection process involved?

HIRSCH: When a girl comes in, we can tell right away if she has something special - her eyes, her smile - something that separates her from all others. That's the first step. The second step is getting her with a photographer so we can see all the different looks he can get. We have photographers take hundreds of shots, then we sit down and analyze them. We have to be sure that we can keep changing a girl's look from movie to movie so she won't get stale. The third step is doing a movie, because, in the end, she has to be special sexually. If a girl can pass all three tests, she can be a Vivid Girl.

Question: Is PR savvy a factor - how well a girl handles herself in interviews, her sense of humor, that sort of thing?

HIRSCH: With our business in particular, because we are in the spotlight, it's more than just looks. They have to be able to get out there and represent the company and speak well. Also, because our movies are story- and dialogue-intensive, they have to be able to act, or at least be willing to take the time and put in the work necessary to learn.

Question: What value do "name" stars bring to retailers in terms of moving DVDs or bringing customers into a store?

HIRSCH: Having contract stars in a movie sort of acts as insurance. If a retailer sees that a girl is doing extremely well and growing a big fan base, he knows that customers will be looking for her videos. It adds a layer of credibility to a movie.

Question: Does it raise your production costs substantially?

HIRSCH: Definitely, yes, quite a lot. Obviously, it adds to our budget because these girls do so few movies, and in this day - when girls can make $1,500 per scene and work four days a week, if they choose to - we have to be able to offer them more money for less movies, so every movie naturally costs more.

Question: What are Vivid's expectations of a contract girl in terms of movies and appearances?

HIRSCH: The average girl does between 6-8 movies a year, plus web appearances and some personal appearances. Each girl also gets her own line of Doc Johnson toys, and there is some promotion involved with that.

Question: Can Vivid Girls make any money outside of their contracts?

HIRSCH: Unlike some other companies that feel they're entitled to money girls make dancing, we think our job is to market and promote our stars so that they can make the maximum money possible. They give us a certain number of movies and appearances, and the money they make from everything above and beyond that is theirs. It doesn't make any sense for us to make a few extra dollars from a girl, so we don't take any money from their dancing or websites. In fact, we give them content for their sites.

Question: I've never heard of a girl wanting to break a contract with Vivid. Besides money, what intangibles do you offer girls to keep them happy?

HIRSCH: Well, we always give girls the option to choose who they want to work with. It has never made sense to me to tell a girl she has to work with someone she would rather not work with because you'll just end up with a bad scene, which will get a bad review, and a bad review hurts sales. And we've been a mandatory condom company for some time, and some girls feel more comfortable with that.

Question: Do you have any male performers under contract right now?

HIRSCH: Not right now, but we have in the past, and we are always open to it.

Question: What qualities would a man have to possess to be considered for a contract?

HIRSCH: He would have to be able to work hard and work a lot. There aren't many men who can do that, and there are less who can do it with condoms.

Vivid Entertainment

Vivid Entertainment
Vivid Entertainment
Vivid Entertainment Group is the world's largest adult film producer, featuring a popular catalog of VHS and DVD titles and Internet content. Vivid specializes in high-production-value movies, filmed in exotic locations and shot with professional lighting and quality cinematography. Vivid also produces gay porn movies under the names "Vivid Man" and "Vivid Video". The company is best known for the pioneering "Vivid Girls" concept of contract stars that inspired other studios to follow suit. Vivid is often the first studio that the girls have worked with. The Vivid Girls are retained on exclusive contracts much like those of bygone days of the Hollywood studio system. They command a higher salary than do free-agent performers and produce only a handful of films per year (in 2004, Jenna Jameson told an interviewer "you probably have more shags than I do - I only film a couple of scenes three or four times a year").

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southern bukkake
If you are new to the term Bukkake, let us give the Bukkake Definition to you - one of todays fastest growing adult niches online - and also offline: Bukkake is a relatively new but fast growing sexual fetish in America and many other countries. The term itself is from Japan.

Bukkake is a sexual ritual where 50+ (Sometimes up to 150 and more!) men give a girl who sits in the middle of the guys one facial after the other - over and over again. It's not like ordinary facials it's more like covering her into masses of cum. The commercialization of Bukkake begun about 10 years ago when Japanese production companies produced the first Bukkake porn movies and later websites too. Eversince then, Bukkake Hard is making it's way around the globe and the number of fans is getting bigger and bigger every day. Over the years Amateurs all over the world have organized Bukkake parties and the style changed from the original Japanese Bukkake to always new forms and styles.

The Bukkake History has it that in ancient Japan, women who were found to be unfaithful were publicly humiliated in the town center by being tied up while every man in town ejaculated all over her to show his distaste. Basically, they were saying that if you're going to take it from someone else, you're going to get it from everyone else.

In the mid to late 80's, Japanese porn producers were looking to push the envelope for their ever demanding crowd of facial customers. The first films usually featured a schoolgirl or secretary who willingly submits to one man after another. They come from everywhere off camera to shower her with Deep Throat Cumshots at just the right moment. As each man finishes, he silently leaves and another quickly takes his place. In some cases, the girl has sex with each man before he ejaculates on her face. Demand for such films, now called Japan Bukkake, skyrocketed. By the late 90's, it had evolved into its own genre. Gay men began to experiment with the practice in ritual initiation ceremonies. American and European filmmakers were quick to follow the Japanese lead, adding their trademark stylish flow along with a line of willing porn starlets who were ready to be covered in cum. Bukkake Teens remains somewhat of a fringe practice, but it's roots have grown deep all over the world. Amateur bukkake parties have generated a cult like following. Ritual bukkake initiation ceremonies often preclude membership in private Extreme Bukkake societies. Videos, dvds and web sites dedicated to German Goo Girls are growing in number daily.

1st Strike Entertainment

1st Strike Entertainment
1st Strike Entertainment
1st Strike Entertainment is a studio distributed by Nectar Entertainment. "It is unlike anything we've ever done at Nectar, it's actually a complete opposite," said Brett Reez, vice president of sales for Nectar. Nectar attracts sophisticated consumers who want high-end sex-positive product, whereas 1st Strike will draw the rain coater market. The only similarity between the two lines is that they both will appeal to their respective audiences by providing exactly what those audiences want--quality adult entertainment."

Fresh Asses is the first of four series that Kerkove will helm for 1st Strike. “Skeeter's reputation as a first-rate pervert is well deserved. His work on Fresh Asses absolutely convinced me he's the real deal. You can't fake that sort of vision, and we're happy he's working with us," Sean Logan, president of Nectar, said. Jamie Elle, Rachel Luv, Veronica Jett, Tiffany Holliday, Hillary Scott, and Leah Luv are the women featured in Fresh Asses, an anal-themed wall-to-wall title that emphasizes young women that are new to adult. Fresh Asses has a foil box cover, as will all 1st Strike releases.

1st Strike intends to develop a number of niche-orientated gonzo and wall-to-wall series over the course of the year, including at least one interracial series. Skeeter Kerkove's Fresh Asses began shipping on April 21.

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Kick Ass Pictures

Kick Ass Pictures
Kick Ass Pictures
If you came here expecting to find beautiful, natural, naked girls and lots of hardcore sex... You've come to the right place! Kick Ass Pictures guarantees that you will not see any fake tits or any condoms. We guarantee that all the sex will be all naked and all entertaining! With a contract star like Mary Carey and with awesome series like "Specs Appeal" and "Barefoot Confidential" we've got something for everyone.

Now that DPs, ATOGMs, and creampies are standard items on the Porn Valley menu, will pussy pumping become the Next Big Thing, literally and figuratively? Kick Ass Pictures is hoping that it will, uh, expand beyond its previously limited audience with the release of the disturbingly titled "Honey, We Blew Up Your Pussy" (along with a Kick Ass-branded pumping device), launching a series that just may end up appealing to armchair engineers and anatomists as well. Different girls blow up differently; Some of their lips reached a consistency where it almost looked like they were made out of rubber. Who knew smut could be so educational?