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Linda Lovelace Daily Girl interview

Daily Girl, Septembet 1973
Daily Girl, Septembet 1973
ME: I see you're still the most beautiful girl in the world.

LINDA Lovelace: Mmmm.

ME: Is it exciting to have your picture all over Fun City, your name on every trendy tongue? Is it true you're on the cover of Esquire, with a yummy five-page spread in Playboy? How about the Warner Bros. record? Not to mention I hear you're writing books? Does all this get you off?

LINDA Lovelace: Yeah. I love it. And it gets better all the time.

ME: How do you get along with all these celebrities I hear you're cavorting around with?

LINDA Lovelace: It's hard to say. We're not into the society scene. I've met a lot out in California. They're really just nice people. They've been very nice to us.

ME: All of them? Do you feel they turn on to you?

LINDA Lovelace: Yeah, actually. Nobody's said low things to me, or been against me at all. We meet fantastic people at parties and stuff, and it's all been... Oh, fantastic! (one more glorious smile.)

ME: Has it all taken over your personal life? It's beautiful to see you sitting here in jeans; if anything you're more relaxed and open than the last time I talked to you. How come you never had any superstar ego problems, anyway?

LINDA Lovelace: I was never a plastic person. This all happened so fast, but I haven't really changed. I still relate to people as people. Sure, I've made a lot of new friends, but it hasn't taken over my life. It's opened it up, it's taught me a lot, we travel all over the country.

ME: So what are you doing now?

LINDA Lovelace: We just finished Deep Throat Part II, but it won't be out for a while. It's not edited yet, so I can't say too much about it. It's pretty funny, though.

ME: Have you taken any acting lessons or, say, comedienne lessons? I keep telling people that you're the Woodstock Nation's Mae West.

LINDA Lovelace: No, I haven't picked up a lot from directors. Chuck gives me good advice with lines and stuff. The script for this last one is fabulous.

ME: Now listen, I've seen some new pictures of you, baby, and I KNOW you went to chest-developing school. You must have put on two or three inches, and may I say they're dynamite, if that's the word.

LINDA Lovelace: Oh no, they're EXERCISES!

ME: Impossible.

LINDA Lovelace: That's what everybody says, impossible. But your mind has a lot to do with your body; that's always been our philosophy. I have a whole set of exercises I'm really into (she displays one or two of the exercises and sure enough the flesh in question quivers about healthily). You have to give your full attention into developing the right muscles. Do them all the time and they make things...  much better.

ME: One more mellow how-to manual for you to write in your declining years, Sweetness. Do you really have any idea how the very-physical Linda Lovelace has shaken up a hell of a lot of females in this country?

LINDA Lovelace: In what way?

ME: It goes very deep. For example, a lot of women's liberation types see you as exploited, just as a male fantasy dream girl. That being able to be balled in your throat makes you just the most esoteric love slave around...

LINDA Lovelace: But I'm so free! Can't you see I love it? I really do come every time somebody's in my throat... Yeah! How could I be exploited when I was the one out looking for it?

ME: They say the story is just one long male fantasy, you know, the sexually insatiable girl who makes it her whole life to please men...

LINDA Lovelace: I was pleasing ME.

CHUCK: Doesn't every girl want to be a male dream girl? Why does she wear make-up and buy new clothes all the time?

ME: I always did sense a certain envious undercurrent, like when Blair Sabol wrote in the Village Voice about a group of feminists discussing you at some consciousness-raising group and she said, "Suddenly talking about Deep Throat we realized the real problem: NO one is getting laid anymore."

LINDA Lovelace: I don't really understand women's lib--what do they want to be liberated FROM? I mean, I'm liberated! I'm not the typical American woman, who's put herself in a certain category, into a situation she feels she has to be liberated FROM. I've never been there. I am what I am. I always will be. Look, I love what I'm doing. I thought people would see me and that would make them freer. They could enjoy whatever made them happy. It didn't have to be throat-jobbing. I just want everybody to have as good a time as possible, without any hang-ups.

ME: Oh, you must realize the effect you have on people... some of it. Tell me about that "new journalist" who did one interview with you and followed you all the way to Miami. He kept saying he had to have "carnal knowledge" of you.

LINDA Lovelace: I'm always pretty naive. He seemed like a regular guy. But he did say something to you in Miami, didn't he, Chuck?

CHUCK: Oh yeah, he sure would've liked to ball you. He came all the way down to Florida, thinking he was a big-time magazine writer who's gonna sweep Linda right off her feet. When he found out it didn't work, he sort of wrote the article around his particular dreams. It was a strange article.

LINDA Lovelace: It made him feel good, though!

ME: He seemed to be saying that if only you hadn't been around, Chuck, he could have dragged Linda into the bushes. Is that how most writers usually respond?

CHUCK: (laughs) They come in two entirely separate types. The first type, the moment they're with Linda Lovelace they recoil. They suddenly find themselves faced with the best, the connoisseur of all lovemaking today. They can't bear being compared with a person like that. So they purposely stay away from any sex talk, or any situation that could arise (more laughter). The other type tries to come on right away. Here's Linda Lovelace and here's ME! We've run into several guys like that. They feel that because they're either reporters or publishers or movie-makers, this should mean something. But this means nothing to Linda. She couldn't care less. A meeting or two and the guy finds out his little ploys won't work. He stops banging his head against the wall. They stop giving her the personal cards and the big hints and settle down to business when they see that's all we’re interested in.

ME: How about those lowdown articles in that sex newspapers and some of those weirdo photos?

LINDA Lovelace: They weren't me! You notice you never saw the face too clearly.

CHUCK: They're all bullshit! And anyone who knew her, knew that right away.

ME: Do you feel it's all politics?

CHUCK: Well, sure. They wanted her to star in their film that just opened. She refused to do it, and that alienated them right away. Then, when they found out she was back in New York, they figured something was in the works, so they began writing this bunch of lies. So people would be turned off to Deep Throat and go see their movie instead. But it never worked!

ME: What did you think of their picture?

CHUCK: I'll never see it. They'll never get a penny of my dollar! But we've heard from several people--actors that were in it and legitimate producers--that it's junk. Just another skin flick. The only reason it got any action at all is that they super-advertise it in their newspaper. Week after week, a big blast at Linda, and big ads for their film! I think if they used the same kind of publicity for two mice balling, it'd get about the same audience.

ME: What about that interview you did with them when you went down on their editor, Linda?

LINDA Lovelace: That was another of their fantasies, but I went along with it. I thought they were friends. Deep Throat had just opened and they really wrote nice things about it. I was just starting out and I was grateful. You can bet I'll never do it again! It was humiliating. I never realized that the interview was just a pretext to signing me up for their stupid movie. Then when I said no, they kept calling us in Miami.

CHUCK: That's the whole basis of their digging at her now, and trying to degrade her with lies. They wanted her bad. There's a big difference between what happens while you're climbing to the top... and what you don't do, when you get up there. Now she doesn't have to go to anyone.

ME: No, they all come to you. How do you feel about those nice professors and psychoanalysts and film critics who defended the film at the obscenity trial?

LINDA Lovelace: That didn't really involve us personally. But they were right about the film. I always thought it would open people's eyes to how sex should really be fun and you can do whatever makes you happy, as long as nobody else was hurt.

ME: Do you think that's how Judge Tyler reacted?

LINDA Lovelace: (laughs) Yeah, he's pretty funny! I'll tell you how he reacted. We're still waiting for him to come back! (This was before the decision was handed down.) He's still sitting there with the movie, having a grand old time! Do you remember that picture in Newsweek where he's got this big grin on his face, a big smirk like he's saying, "Mmmm!! I have to take some time to consider all the aspects of this one..." That picture says it all, the whole trial.

ME: Different strokes for different folks... even inside closets, I s'pose! He did say, though, that the whole trial had been an education for him, remember? When one of the witnesses pointed out to him how you proved that there was much more to sex than just the missionary position?

LINDA Lovelace: There's hope! That's a beginning! (laughs)

ME: As you say, the mind controls the body. Speaking of which, the boys at the office want to know which part of your mind makes your various orifices--like rectum and vagina--so very... pliable.

CHUCK: Now, take Linda's vagina. She can expand it to where you can put your whole fist in, or tighten it to where it's hard to fit in your little finger.

ME: Wow! How did you learn that?

LINDA Lovelace: That's my little secret. But maybe we'll patent it! (wild laughter all about)

CHUCK: No, really, we've been approached by several people who want to do full books about the process of learning this. Linda is a living example of its success, proving it can be done. There's no difference between her body and your own, in terms of potential. I taught her a few tricks. Not tricks, really, just exercises for muscle control. You know, there are people in the Orient who can stop their heartbeat. There's no reason why any muscle that works can't be made to do what you want it to do. I'd like to do a book about this.

ME: It would really jazz up the bestseller lists. Listen, a bit of ancient history. Didn't you once tell me you used to considered giving head unclean and taboo, unnatural, even?

LINDA Lovelace: Oh, yeah, well, I was at one time very, very naive. I'd never consider doing that. I was one of those girls who would just lie there. That was the full extent of my sexual activity! Then I met Chuck, and found out otherwise.

ME: Via his fabulous Oriental recipes. He's the first person I've ever heard about who translates the experience, although other guys in the service used to talk about all the exquisite specialities over there.

CHUCK: What else? All the guys there learn about it, but they don't have any idea how to teach it. It's like tasting a piece of cake and really digging it. I dug it too, but I had to know how it was made. So I went right into it. You could say totally. Went around talking to a lot of people. The girl who performed it the best didn't have any details. And she couldn't explain them to me, anyway, as she didn't speak that much English. So it took a lot of (smiles) investigation. Seriously, it's like acupuncture or anything else. You've got to get right to the source before you can explain it to anyone. And now I can tell you how to do it, but if you go and try it right away, it won't work. You've got to know the steps, what motivates what in order to open yourself  up three or four inches in diameter. You've got to know exactly what system to practice.

ME: I can well imagine lots of people gagging their brains out around the country.

LINDA Lovelace: (smiling) Maybe you should open a school, Chuck...

CHUCK: Mmmm, might wear me out a bit. Better some kind of book. Layman's language, very detailed schematic sketches, so they could understand exactly what it is they're doing. It has a lot to do with preparation of the body, body positioning and so forth. It takes a lot of meditation, like true yoga, to enable you to control involuntary muscles. And you've got to be absolutely faithful in practicing. Like sword-swallowers. Which may be why there are very few of them around anymore.

ME: Say, before this dynamite Ten Trippy Steps to Throat Screwing hits the publishing biz, do you have any kind words for the legion of ladies out there, Lovelace fans all? Just a few teeny hints about getting it on?

CHUCK: Well, kiddies,  I live in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. If you can catch me, I'll teach you all I know! No, seriously, what I want to say is, Don't try it until you learn a whole lot about it. Depending on size, you could really hurt yourself, tear the hell out of your larynx. So that it wouldn't heal, and wouldn't work like it's supposed to. Meaning, the first time you swallow a piece of toast the wrong way, you won't cough it up, which is your natural involuntary muscle reaction. You could choke to death, it's that serious. A piece of pork-chop bone, anything. It's a self-defense mechanism your body has, this coughing, and that's the muscle you have to control. Or else the moment someone touched the back of Linda's throat, she'd gag and cough, maybe spoil the shot. If you don't do it the right way, just use brute force, you won't cough anymore. That's why I go around saying that not everybody should turn on to throat-boffing, although it's the best. I can't be responsible for people getting hurt, maybe.

ME: You've got to get your head together, then, in more ways than one. Maybe you could make a film with Linda, a real how-to...

CHUCK: Yeah, possibly. Didn't one of those "expert" witnesses say the movie was real good for sex education? (laughs)

ME: Are you all signed up for 80 new Daughter of Deep Throat epics?

CHUCK: No, the greatest thing is we're free agents at last! We got out of our contract. That is, it finally came to an end. We got very little money out of Deep Throat, and you know the fortune it's made, the millions. We've got some new offers now that are so fantastic. Sometimes you don't even know how to imagine that kind of money. We get these offers every day! One guy talked about giving us $100,000 to make any kind of flick we wanted to. No strings! And then, our old company, could be that they'll make the right offer now that Linda's so famous. But it's like a dream. There's not a day that somebody doesn't want to write a book or a feature article on her, take pictures, make records, do her life story behind Deep Throat. It's really true that when you've got the best the world will not leave you alone.

Linda Lovelace Bachelor Magazine interview

Bachelor, August 1973
Bachelor, August 1973
 “Linda Lovelace: An Interview With the Sexsational Star of Deep Throat”

DIANA: You are, Linda Lovelace, in addition to being probably one of the most beautiful creatures I've ever seen, the newest sex superstar in New York. No, more than that, you've become a kind of cult heroine. How do you react to being such a turn-on, to being on top so fast?

LINDA Lovelace: I think it's fantastic. I haven't really felt being a superstar that much, but it's catching up to me. It's funny. When we first did the movie I never expected anything like this.

DIANA: But you like it? The adulation, being recognized on the street?

LINDA Lovelace: Oh, yeah!

DIANA: Have you ever made a film before, or what's your experience up to Deep Throat?

LINDA Lovelace: No, I'd just come up to New York, just to see what I could do. I'm from a small town in Texas--no, really! I thought I could work here as a topless dancer or something. Then we (including J.R., her ever-present boyfriend manager) met Jerry Gerard at a party and J.R. told him that I gave the best head in the world and I could be screwed in the throat.

DIANA: And this changed his life, right?

LINDA Lovelace: Yeah! Well, one time he was driving across the Brooklyn Bridge, I think it was, and this idea just came to him about the plot for Deep Throat. He just fantasized the whole thing around me.

DIANA: Deep Throat is then, actually, the true story of Linda Lovelace? There's no break between the screen and real life, so to speak?

LINDA Lovelace: Right! It's me and that's what I can do, and how I really am.

DIANA: Were you pleased with the film, then? Do you feel the real Linda came out?

LINDA Lovelace: Yeah, but at first I was embarrassed. I didn't think I had done well. But as it progressed, I guess the more I got into it, the better it came out.

DIANA: Meaning the acting or the sexual performing?

LINDA Lovelace: Oh, definitely the acting! The sexual performance was great. That was just me, natural. But I'd never acted before, and I couldn't enjoy myself with that the way I could with the sex, from the very beginning.

DIANA: I think that's what made the film a success, the fact that you were so obviously having a ball, obviously getting off.

LINDA Lovelace: Yeah, I really liked that! And I'm very satisfied, from that aspect.

DIANA: Could you always give such great, complete head, or did you have to learn?

LINDA Lovelace: Well, J.R. taught me the whole thing. Oh yeah, it really took time. You have to learn how to breathe. Otherwise, normally when something goes in your throat you gag. So it's like an involuntary muscle you have to learn to control.

DIANA: And who taught him?

LINDA Lovelace: Some girl in Japan, when he was in the Marine Corps there. That was her specialty, you know?

DIANA: And now it's yours. What did you do, train yourself not to choke, hypnotize yourself or what?

LINDA Lovelace: Well, J.R. got my head together on that, so it wouldn't bother me. The first few times I did it, like, I would really gag. But I learned to completely relax myself, and it got... really nice!

DIANA: Yeah, but how do you breathe? Through your nose?

LINDA Lovelace: Oh, no. As he's coming out of me, I take a breath. A guy has to work in and out of me so that I can breathe, kind of gulp air to keep going.

DIANA: Has anyone been too large for you?

LINDA Lovelace: No, really and truly! (laughs)

DIANA: Like, in the movie, no matter how large the guy was, you never appeared to have any trouble breathing. It looked absolutely natural.

LINDA Lovelace: Oh, it was natural. I didn't have any trouble at all! The guy has to kind of co-operate. He has to know how to move in and out, in and out, and when he comes out I take a breath. I work on short breaths. The longest he could stay in there would be 30 to 45 seconds, I think, but as long as he keeps moving...

DIANA: How long does it take to bring him off, on the average?

LINDA Lovelace: Uh, everybody's different. From 30 seconds to 30 minutes, even. Sometimes around cameras guys are nervous, but I can always get to him!

DIANA: Do you really like it as much as you seem to?

LINDA Lovelace: Yeah, I like it! I always did. It's a whole good trip for me. Nobody can believe I always come when I can feel somebody's in my throat, but I do, every time!

DIANA: Amazing. How do you like the taste of sperm?

LINDA Lovelace: I love it! If I could have a favorite drink, it would be a sperm cocktail, no kidding.

DIANA: By a quirk of fortune, they wrote up the recipe for one only last week in Screw. Do you like going down on women, too?

LINDA Lovelace: Yeah! Everything! I like parties, I like people expressing themselves sexually any way they want.

DIANA: But your specialty is so male-oriented. You can really get off on a woman?

LINDA Lovelace: Why not? In Roman times women were always together, it was a natural thing. It's only in the times we're in now that it's become unacceptable, it's not the common thing. And I really do find a lot of pleasure there.

DIANA: Mmmm. Do you have a position preference with guys? Is it necessary for him to place himself a certain way?

LINDA Lovelace: The best position for getting it in the throat is if I lay on the bed and have my neck hanging back over the side and the guy leans over me, standing up, and works with me like that.

DIANA: That's the most comfortable for you, and he can penetrate the furthest?

LINDA Lovelace: Yeah! But the photographer couldn't shoot that for Deep Throat, that's a very bad camera angle.

DIANA: Well, that's about all he missed. He couldn't have gotten much closer on those rear shots without getting the lens right into you. How long did it take to shoot the party scene, where you and your girlfriend are balling six or seven guys?

LINDA Lovelace: Oh, just a few hours, as I remember. The whole movie only took two weeks.

DIANA: Are you into orgies or group sex or whatever the current term is?

LINDA Lovelace: Oh, yeah! I like it any way it comes. It's always good!

DIANA: Do you have any sexual fantasies you'd like to see done on the screen, maybe somebody special you'd like to go down on or something?

LINDA Lovelace: No, uh, all my fantasies seem to get fulfilled! No, I don't have any idols, either, I guess. There's no one special person I want to blow, no.

DIANA: Well, then, is there anything you wouldn't do on-screen? Like, would you give head to an animal, maybe a nice 200-pound St. Bernard?

LINDA Lovelace: Oh, I don't know. I can't answer that now. Nothing's come up that I couldn't take. I'd have to wait to answer that.

DIANA: Do you consider yourself a sexual revolutionary? Do you think you'll be advancing the cause of sexual liberality by making raunchy old porn attractive to "straight" people, as you seem to have done?

LINDA Lovelace: Yes, I hope so. Sex is such a beautiful thing that it should be enjoyed by everyone. You should be able to choose any partner you want.

DIANA: How about your technique? Did you know that even at this moment they're having consciousness-raising sessions where everyone goes out and sees Deep Throat and then analyzes the Lovelace larynx trick?

LINDA Lovelace: Well, that's good. If it will get someone to enjoy herself more sexually...

DIANA: Maybe you should patent your style?

LINDA Lovelace: No, the thing is I had a fantastic teacher! And that’s why they can't learn to do what I know--to really get screwed in the throat--and that's fine with me! I think there will always be very few people who can do that.

DIANA: Right. I'll agree with you there. What about your future as a superstar and sex object to the masses? Are you in another film?

LINDA Lovelace: Well, we start shooting in November with the same company, but this time it will be a bigger, longer feature. I think it should be distributed sometime in February.

DIANA: Do you want to become a Great Big Star?

LINDA Lovelace: Oh, I don't know. We have to see how things go. As long as this keeps going along and everybody's happy, then fine. 'Cause I'm happy now, and very contented. I enjoy it all!

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Linda Lovelace Venus Magazine interview

Venus, November 1973
Venus, November 1973
The American people are a funny kind of people. They just don’t seem to enjoy sex. They’ve got so many hang-ups. Like, I used to know people who had to see their psychiatrist every day of their lives. That psychiatrist trip can be so bad, a real brainwashing. Screw your psychiatrist. Talk to a friend. Discuss your hang-ups with a friend.”

“Why do you think that is?” I ask.

“It’s just puritanical American society that’s so ancient and so old they don’t realize people are progressing. We don’t still walk around with candles; we have electric light bulbs. It really gets you aggravated.”

“You don’t act or speak the way I expected from your movie and your book,” I tell her.

“It’s really weird how people come up with preconceptions about me. What do they expect me to be? They think because I’m in X-rated movies I should be a bleached blonde with a cigarette in one hand and a martini in the other, with silicone out to here . . . Some sort of ogre?”

“Do you see your success in porno films as an entree into Hollywood films the way the nude calendars were a beginning for Marilyn Monroe?”

“I’ve had every major studio asking me to do films, but I don’t want to stop doing X-rated films. I don’t want to be like anybody else; when they get a start in so-called pornographic movies and then go to legitimate films, they say, ‘Wow, I’ll never do that again; I was forced into it.’ I’m not going to be like them at all, though I might one day get into a heavy, dramatic role and the next day do an X-rated film. I want to stay in comedy but related to sex one way or another. I see myself, old and gray, a sixty-five-year-old lady being the star of an X-rated film.”

“If the censors permit it,” I say and laugh but Linda does not laugh. She makes a face.

“Obscenity laws, they take away people’s rights. What is ridiculous is that they close Deep Throat, an X-rated film, and then turn around and show a war film in its place. In my opinion it’s all political. It took the judge in New York six weeks of looking at the film to decide it was obscene. If it was really obscene, he would have decided the first time he saw it. It’s not right that one individual should decide for the country what everybody is gonna see. No one is pulling anyone off the streets by their arms. I think even X-rated films should be on TV. All they should have to do it put an “X” on the screen. A lot of times it would be better than what they watch now on TV. All the crazy ideas you can get from TV! All the killings and murders! One study showed that an average American kid, by the time he's 12, has seen 1800 murders on TV and not one act of natural love. That’s crazy! I mean, it takes sex to make life. What could be more natural?”

“Should censors stop looking so hard at the porno industry and take a serious look at violence in films since violence, as you point out, is far more prevalent and reaches more people and reaches them at a younger age?”

“Well, I don’t believe in censorship. The problem is in the society. Our society loves violence and is ashamed of human sex, and they just have to impose their hang-ups on everybody.”

“So you’re against institutions interfering with individual decisions? How about a woman’s right to abortion, to decide for herself whether she will continue any given pregnancy or terminate it?”

“I think abortions definitely should exist. For so many reasons. If you want to have a child, that’s beautiful, but why should a woman go through stretching out her body and doing all those things if she doesn’t want to have a child? I don’t think there would be so many child care centers needed if abortion had been okay in the beginning and if they started educating people. The main reason women get pregnant is lack of education. It’s just a whole big cycle, and they really haven’t changed it for years and years. But I think it’s going to change. I think the ’70s have definitely marked the beginning.”

“Do you think the feminist movement has contributed to those changes?”

“I really, to be honest with you, haven’t gotten into the women’s movement at all. I’ve always been liberated, always done the things I want to do when I want to do them. I don’t worry about this one or that one or anybody else. Like, some women’s libbers are against me because I’m being exploited. Others are for me; they say I’m part of the movement because I’m the first woman in an X-rated film to openly seek pleasure and gratification when that’s always been the role of the man.”

“That’s the way it started in Deep Throat,” I say. “Do you remember when the doctor first discovered the clitoris in your throat, they used cartoon symbols to express your orgasm? Near the end of the film that cartoon is repeated; it’s supposed to be a visual representation of what you describe earlier as ‘bells ringing, dams bursting and rockets exploding.’ Only the second time the movie cuts not to your face but to the man’s face, and there’s a complete shift in emphasis. It becomes his orgasm the audience is watching, not yours.”

“That was just poor editing. They probably overlooked it,” Linda says.

“Yes, but don’t you think they overlooked it because the crew is conditioned to think of sexual orgasms in terms of male gratification?” I persist.

“I see what you mean . . . ”

“Does your openness about your own sexuality threaten many of the men you meet?”

“Oh, yeah. Lots of them. You get these men in groups; they’ll talk big. ‘Boy, if I had Linda Lovelace here, I’d do this or that!’ A couple of times we’ve set it up so they’ve been alone with me. As soon as we’re alone, they start talking about everything in the world but sex.”

“So we’re back to the hang-ups about sex, the split between the body’s needs and the mind’s tyranny. Where do grown people get these ideas? Is it the church or the conditioning people get as children?” I ask.

“A lot of it is how we’re raised. People ask me if I had a child would I allow my child to go see Deep Throat and I say, ‘Of course.’ I would raise my children to know what a naked body is, to know what sex organs are and what to do with them and what happens with the body . . . to keep their body in clean, beautiful condition and know everything there is to know about sex thoroughly. I just believe children should be raised like that.”

“Quite obviously your life wasn’t like that. You come from Catholic parents and attended Catholic schools. How did you get from a traditional Catholic position of thinking sex is sinful unless it creates progeny to becoming a missionary of sex for the fun of it?”

“One day I looked at all the people I had been with. Everybody was so uptight and always had a frown on their face. Try it sometime. Think of all the people that you see that have grumps on their face. They were steaming mad, always gonna take care of this one or that one . . . It’s just remarkable. Well, these were the people telling me how bad sex was, how terrible it was, how disgusting and repulsive. Then I started hanging around with people who were totally opposite. They’d say, ‘If it makes you happy, do it. If it makes you feel good, do it.’ Actually, Chuck was the first person with that outlook. Instead of saying, ‘You can’t do that!’ he'd say, ‘Hey, that’s a great idea. Let’s try it.’ Now all my friends are happy people. They’ve got the sexual fulfillment they need to keep them happy. Any psychiatrist will tell you, if you don’t reach an orgasm or have some kind of sex life you become a very neurotic person. You become very tense, very uptight. It’s relaxing to have sex and it's a release. It’s nice.  “I get letters—about a hundred a day—a lot of them from reverends and psychologists. They say that Deep Throat definitely has ‘redeeming social value.’ The psychologists say that they recommend it to their patients. Dr. Neil Solomon writes for Family Circle and Better Homes and Gardens. He is a super-straight man, but he recommends the movie because he’s into mental health for people; he’s not after the money . . . All the psychologists who say it’s bad—of course they’re going to say it’s bad. If no one had any hang-ups and inhibitions, they’d be out of a job! They’re into the money end of it.

“The two worst letters I’ve gotten . . .. one was from a religious woman who sent me a book about the four spiritual laws with a note that just said, ‘Jesus still loves you, Linda Lovelace.’ The second was from a woman who said she didn’t agree with all my views on sex but she agreed with my views on violence.”

“What are most of your letters like?”

“Women will write and thank me or ask questions like, ‘I’m having trouble doing this or that, how do I do it?’ Men will write and say ‘My wife is a lot freer now, gets into things more, likes things better.’ Couples say, ‘Ever since we saw your movie we’ve been able to communicate better. We discuss things more openly. We do more things; we're more creative in bed.’ ”

“That sort of letter sounds reinforcing, but how about negative pressures? In your book you say your parents don’t know you did Deep Throat. Do you really believe that? And if they know, how do think they feel?”

“They just won’t admit it. Like I talk to my mother every week on the phone, and it is just never mentioned. I’ll come out in a film with a major actor and they’ll say, ‘That’s my daughter, Linda Lovelace, the star,’ but they’ll never say, ‘She also did Deep Throat.’ They totally erase it from their minds. But she did ask me for an autographed copy of the book.”

“So there’s some kind of parental pride there?”

“Well, she's making an effort.”

“When did you begin shaving your pubic hair?”

“I was actually, the first time I did it, about 15. I always felt the hair was dirty and had an odor. I let it grow back and it started itching. When I was about 18 I started shaving again and have been ever since. I find it a lot cleaner if anything—hair does hold an odor. I like it better when a chick doesn’t have hair.”

“Do men you know shave their body hair, too?”

“No. On men I like hair on the body—hair on the chest, for instance, is sexy. Another thing I like is a moustache on a man.”

“Is there any special mental or personality characteristic you especially like in a man?”

“I like someone who believes the way I do. For example, love isn’t something you fall into in a couple of days. I think it takes years of being with someone before you can really love him. To me, love is a total emotional and mental thing. It’s everything—not just feeling, not just friendship, not just understanding. And there’s different grades of love. Like I might find someone . . . ”

Her voice trails off. When she speaks again, I have to lean forward to hear her.

“You never know. You can talk about love for a long time.”

“When you get to feeling down, how do you get yourself up again?”

“I never feel down,” she says, then thinks for a moment and grins. “I play with my vibrators. Have about 20 orgasms. Then you can’t help but have a big grin on your face. But I can’ remember the last time I was down. I like being busy. I like doing something all the time. Someone once told me, ‘If your job becomes work, get another job,’ and that's true.”

“Is part of the reason you like your job that it gives you a chance to—how shall I say it?—seducate, teach Mr. and Ms. Mid-America how to get in touch with their sexual selves and stop being so uptight and self-conscious?”

“It’s hard for me to relate to middle-class America. They believe that you have sex with somebody and then you love them, then you’ve gotta get married with them. Look at the divorce rate in this country. Everyone gets married to have sex, but they call it love! It’s really bad. People get too much guilt in their heads. I think the main guilt is, ‘Do I love him? If I love him it’s cool, but I also kinda like that guy over there, and if I don’t love him how can I have sex with him?’ People start psyching themselves out, freaking out! The first thing a child sees when he comes into the world is a woman’s breast. He’s told as he gets older that he can’t look at it, that it’s disgusting and repulsive, that he’ll get warts on his fingers. What is that? It’s incredible.”

“What’s your attitude towards marriage?”

“I don’t believe in marriage with a piece of paper under any circumstances. If I’m with somebody, I’m gonna be with them. It’s a trust that you have. It’s just understood.”

“In your book you refer to Chuck Traynor as ‘the man who made me a woman’ and, of course, he’s listed as manager of Linda Lovelace Enterprises. Do you see a parallel between your relationship with Chuck and Twiggy’s relationship with her manager?”

“I don’t know about that. You say Twiggy and I say, ‘'Huh?’ All I know is she was a model.”

“Her boyfriend,” I explain, “picked her clothes and told her where to go and when to go. Is that the role Chuck plays?”

“He does, like, most things for me. He’s my manager and friend. We’ve been friends for four years. We’ve just always been together. Some chicks hang around with another chick that’s really a good friend, and I’ve got a dude that’s really a good friend. In a way there’s a love, but it’s not the kind of love that everybody tosses around like a piece of paper. Like, he has his own life; he goes out with other girls and he has his friends, and I go out with other guys and I have my own friends, yet we’re friends together and our friends are friends together. It’s just a really nice situation.”

Azlea filmography

More Bang for the Buckxxx (2006) (V)
Tit Happens (2004) (V)
Prettiest Tits I Ever Came Across (2004) (V) (as Azlea)
Strapped (2004) (V)
Eye Spy Sky (2003) (V)
I Love Lesbians 12 (2003) (V)
Cockroads (2002) (V)
Betting on Flesh (2001) (V)
Music to Fuck to: Just Sit on a Happy Face (2001) (V)
Roommates (2000/I) (V) .... Rollerchic #1
Best of Fresh Hot Babes (2000) (V)
Busty Pom Pom Girls (2000) (V) (as Azlea)
Perfect Asses (2000) (V)
Pussyman's Decadent Divas 6 (2000) (V)
Six Degrees of Seduction 2 (2000) (V)
Tremendous Butt Babes (2000) (V)
Watcher 9 (2000) (V)
The Seven Deadly Sins (1999) (V)
Sports Spectacular (1999) (V)
On the Street (1999) (V)
75 Nurse Orgy (1999) (V) (as Azleah)
Between the Cheeks (1999) (V)
Cheerleaders Misbehavin' (1999) (V)
Debbie '99 (1999) (V) (as Azleah)
Dethroned (1999) (V)
Freshman Fantasies 17 (1999) (V) .... Rachel
Pussyman's Campus Sluts Busted (1999) (V)
Pussyman's Decadent Divas 2 (1999) (V)
Ritual (1999) (V) (as Azlea)
Sensually Haunted (1999) (V)
Stop! My Ass Is on Fire! (1999) (V)
Titman (1999) (V) (as Azlea)
Trial by Copulation (1999) (V)
The World's Luckiest Patient (1999) (V)
Action Sports Sex (1998) (V)
Afterglow (1998) (V)
Crazy Like a Fox (1998) (V)
Flesh Peddlers (1998) (V)
Fresh Hot Babes 13: Summer Babe Search (1998) (V)
The Naked Truth (1998) (V) .... Lydia
Pornogothic (1998) (V)
Rainwoman 13 (1998) (V)
Ripe Vol. 1 (1998) (V) (as Azlea)
Size Matters (1998) (V)
A Slave to Fashion (1998) (V)
Welcome to the Cathouse (1998) (as Azlea)
Wicked Covergirls (1998) (V)

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Jeanna Fine filmography

21 Hours 1 (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

3 Into Devon (2002) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

3 Into Janine (2002) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

3 Into Jill Kelly (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Action Sports Sex 3 (1999) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

All Anal On The Western Front DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Amateur Dream Girls DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Amazing Feets (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

American Pie (1999) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

America's Sloppiest Blowjobs (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Anal Desires (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Anal Intruder 5 and 6 DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Ancient Secrets of the Kama Sutra (1997) DVD

And The Envelope Please Christy Canyon (2005) DVD

And The Envelope Please Devon (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Andrew Blake 6-Pak Special (1993) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Andrew Blake The Legend (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Andrew Blake's Girls (1992) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Angel Baby (1995) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Ass Blasters 3 (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Ass Slammers 2 DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Award Winning Sex Stars (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Backfield In Motion (2000) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Bad Girls 5 (1999) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Bad Girls 6 (1999) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Bald Beaver Blast (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Bang My Wife Please (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Banging Brunettes (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Barbara the Barbarian (1987) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Bazooms (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Best Nipples On The Planet (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Best of VCA's Award Winning Movies (1999) DVD

Big Dick Little Hick (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Bikini Top Gonna Pop (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Bi-Way Or The Hi-Way (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Black and White Nookie (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Blow Hard (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Blowin' a Gasket (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Blowin' the Boss (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Blowjob Adventures of Dr Fellatio 14 (1999) DVD

Blue Dreams (2001) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Blue Jean Brat (2000) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Blue Movie (1995) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Brief History Of Trim (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Brown Eye For The Straight Guy (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Brunettes From Behind (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Bucket of Love DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Bun Masters The Plunge Series DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Butch Box (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Butt Seriously (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Cafe Flesh 2 (1999) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

California Gigolo DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Carpool (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Cashmere (2000) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Catwalk (2002) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Caught from Behind 15 (1991) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Chasey Lain Superpussy (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Chasey Loves Rocco (1998) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Checkmate (1996) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Checkmate (1996) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Chick To Chick (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Chicks With Meat On Their Bones (2005) DVD

City of Sin (1991) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Clamtastic (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Closed Eyes and Open Thighs (2001) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Club Decca DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Cock Loving Nymphos (2000) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Contract Hitz (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Corporate Assets 2 (1997) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Cumalot (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Dark Star (2002) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Dear Diary (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Decadence (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Deep In The Vivid Vaults (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Deep Inside Jeanna Fine (1992) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Deep Inside Juli Ashton (1996) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Deep Inside PJ Sparxx (1995) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Deep Inside Sunset Thomas (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Deep Mouth 2 DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Deep Sluts (2001) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Desire (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Desperate (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Desperate For Dick (2002) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Devil in Miss Jones 5 (1994) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Devon Does Giganticocks (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Devon Sent (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Dick Divin' With Devon (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Diggin' Devon (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Diva (1997) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Diva 4 (1996) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Diva Girls (1999) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Double Cross (1995) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Double Penetration Proclamation (2003) DVD

Edward Penishands (2001) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Erotic Visions (1995) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Even Cowgirls Get the Cooze (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Everybody Loves Rocco (2000) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Expose Me Again (1996) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Extreme Close-Up Nikki Tyler (2001) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Eye Spy Chasey Lain (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Eye Spy Kira Kener (2002) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Fanny Farm (1996) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Filthy Babes Bitches of Madison County (2000) DVD

Finger Sluts (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Flesh Tacos DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Flying Fingers (2000) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

For Fuck's Sake (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Forever Night (1998) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Fuck Men, Let's Eat (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Fur Traders (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Garage A Trois (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Gee Your Pussy Smells Terrific (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Gentlemen Prefer Pussy (2000) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Girl Crazy Girls 2 (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Girl Power (1998) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Girl Power 9 DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Girls Only Christy (2002) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Girls Only Nikki Tyler (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Girls who Love Girls 11 (1989) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Golden Age of Porn - Jeanna Fine (2006) DVD

Golden Rod DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Goo Gobblers (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Got Ass? (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Grab A Hot Dog? DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Great White North (1996) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Grizzly Madams (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Hair Ball DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Hall Of Fame Chasey Lain (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Hall Of Fame Devon (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Hard Evidence (1996) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Hardcore Harlots (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Haute Twat (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Head North (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Hollywood Orgies Christy Canyon DVD

Hollywood Orgies Nikki Tyler (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Hothouse Rose (1991) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Hotty In The Potty (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

House of Dreams (1995) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

House On Chasey Lane (1995) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

How Stella Strapped Her Dick On (2003) DVD

Huge Tits Big Dicks (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Hummer Girls (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Incredible Janine (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

IR 4 Inrearendence Day DVD stars Jeanna Fine

It's Soooo Big Anal Edition (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Jamie Summers Rocks Cocks (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Janine Beyond Description (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Janine Sandwich (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Jenna In The Middle (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Jenna Jameson's Wicked Anthology 2 (2004) DVD

Jenna's Depraved (2006) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Jennifer Ate (1995) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Joined At The Tit (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Just Sex 11 (2002) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Kissin' The Cock (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Kittens 4 (1993) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Latex (1995) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Latex, Shock, Sex 1 and 2 DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Leave It To Cleavage (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Lesbian Bitches 2 (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Lesbian Love Stick (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Lesbian Lunch Break (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Lessons In Love (1995) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Let's Eat Big Cock (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Let's Play Lick The Can (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Lez Be Friends (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Lickity Clit (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Loads Of Peter North (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Loads Of Rocco (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Lord of the Fly (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Lust Runner (1995) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Maestro of Porn (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Make It A Triple (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Malibu Madam DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Malibu Spice (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Many Happy Returns (1995) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Meet The Beavers (2001) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Mega Ho (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Miscreants (1997) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Money Money Money (1994) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Monsters of Cock Peter North (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Monsters of Cock Rocco (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Mouthing Off (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Muff to the Max (2001) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

My Surrender DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Naked Scandal (1996) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Naked Scandal 2 (2000) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Nasty As I Wanna Be Chasey Lain (2004) DVD

Nasty As I Wanna Be Kobe Tai (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

New Royals Kobe Tai (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

New Royals Nikki Tyler (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

New Royals Sunrise Adams (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

New Wave Hookers 5 (1997) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Nice Naughty and the Bad (1999) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Night and Day 3 DVD stars Jeanna Fine

No Man's Land 4 (2002) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

No Man's Land 11 (2002) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

No Man's Land Legends (2002) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Not In My Ass 2 (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Nympho Files (1995) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Nymphomation Highway (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

On the Street (1999) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

On Trial (1999) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

On Trial 2 (1999) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Ona's Doll House 3 DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Ona's Doll House 3 Pack DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Only Game in Town? DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Oodles Of Splooge (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Overtime 7 (2000) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Overtime 57 (1997) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Overtime 95 DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Party Doll A Go-Go 1 and 2 DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Pay 4 Play DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Peepshows 7 and 8 (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Peter 'Big Unit' North (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Peter North's Big Load Ahead (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Planet X - Oral Passion (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Pointing North (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Pretty In Black (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Pretty Tied Up (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Primarily Yours (1996) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Prime Cuts Meat Curtains DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Pro Ho Ball (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Pure (1996) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Pussyman 13 (1996) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Pussyman 14 (1996) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Razor's Edge (1995) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Rearview Julie Rage (2002) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Reel Sex DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Rim Shots (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Rip Van Wanker (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Rites of Passion (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Rocco And His Big Cocko (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Rocco Fucked Me (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Rocco Mayor Of Big Cock (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Rocco Mentor To Millions (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Rocco Rocks (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Rocco Sifreddi's Rockin' The House (2005) DVD

Rocco's In The Kitchen With Vagina (2005) DVD

Rodeo Ho's (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Safe Cracker (1991) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Satisfaction Guaranteed Devon (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Satisfaction Guaranteed Janine (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Saturday Night Beaver (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Screw (1998) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Secrets (1995) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Seventh Devon (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Sex Trek DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Sex Trek Box Set (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Sexpots Ass Ambush (2000) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Sherlock Bones (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

She's So Fine (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Shock (1997) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Simply Stephanie (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Skin Flix Solitary (2001) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Skinny Dip (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Smut Hut (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Snatch Snackers (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Sorority Pink (1989) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Squirtin' For Certain (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Starbangers 9 (2002) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Stardust (1998) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Stardust 2 (1999) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Stardust 3 (1999) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Stay Hard (1998) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Steal Breeze (1990) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Street Angels (1992) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Strokin' To The Oldies Barbara Dare (2004) DVD

Strokin' To The Oldies Shanna McCullough (2001) DVD

Stuff My Throat (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Super Slut Sex Challenge Chloe Vs Sunset Thomas (2003) DVD

Super Suckers Of Porn (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Swallow My Cock 23 (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Sweet Ho Alabama (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Talk The Talk Eat The Cock (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Taste of Ambrosia (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Taste Of Chasey Lain (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

The Cock Stops Here (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

These Are The Blowjobs Of Our Lives (2003) DVD

Thigh High 2 (2001) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Thrill Jill Cult (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Tickle My Doughnut (1995) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Tomfoolery (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Tons of Tits (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Top 40 Adult Stars Collection (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Total Titillation (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Totally Fucked Up Orgies (2002) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Touch of Silk (2000) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Trinity Heat (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Two Girls For Every Girl (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Two Lips Season (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Ultimate Erotic Fantasy (1997) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Ultimate Firsts (2000) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Ultimate Julia Ann (2002) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Under Contract Chasey Lain (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

United States Of Pussy (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Up Close and Personal Savannah (2002) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Velvet (2000) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Venom 2 (1996) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Venom 3 (2000) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Vivid Girl Confidential Devon (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Vivid Girl Devon (2004) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Vivid Superstars Chasey (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Vivid's SuperStar 2 DVD Box Set - Chasey Lain (2002) DVD

Wacky World of X-Rated Bloopers (1989) DVD

Warning Dicks at Large (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Weapons of Mass Seduction (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Who's Eating Janine Lindemulder? (2005) DVD

Wicked Weapon (1997) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Wide Open Spaces DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Wild Goose Chase (1995) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Wild Stuff (1987) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Wild Widow (1996) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Willie Wanker and The Fudge Packing Factory (1995) DVD

Womb Raider (2005) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

World's Luckiest Man (1997) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

XRCO Awards 1998 (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

You Look Like You Need A Blowjob DVD

Young Chasey Lain (2002) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Young Devon (2001) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Your Ass My Tongue (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

Zippy Drippy Lezzies (2003) DVD stars Jeanna Fine

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Jenelle Elson

Jenelle Elson
Jenelle Elson
Jenelle Elson loves gardening, horseback riding and carving her own unique path through life. Jenelle, if it's okay, do you mind if we follow behind you?

Birthdate: 31-Mar
Birthplace: Olympia, WA
Current Address: Seattle, WA
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 110 lbs
Bust: 34C
Waist: 24
Hips: 34
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Green

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Molly Rome

Molly Rome
Molly Rome
Molly Rome is known for performing in movies that fall under teen category. She stands approximately 5'2", and weighs about 110 pounds. She is known for her red hair, fair skin, and her tattoo similar to the Pittsburgh Steelers helmet emblem located on her shoulder.

Before making her porn debut in 2000, Molly Rome was working in an insurance company. She's married, but says her husband has no problem watching her with other men. She worked in the adult entertainment industry briefly, making over 50 adult movies, then left in the Spring of 2001 and moved back to her home town in Pennsylvania. She specialized in playing schoolgirl and cheerleader roles due to her young looks. She reportedly returned to the Xbiz in 2003. A must for all Molly Rome fans is her part in American Bukkake #13 where is really gets covered.


Born: April 13, 1982

Gender: female

Ethnicity: white

Hair Color: red

Eye Color: hazel

height: 5'2" (157 cm.)

Weight: 100lbs (45 kg.)


Molly Rome has a chipped front tooth.

She has a pierced tongue and a pierced labia.

She has a pierced tongue.

She has a Pittsburgh Steelers Tattoo on her Left Shoulder Blade.

She has also performed under the alias Sarah Holly.